Our customers will benefit from our professional installation services.

Whether you are install new instrument or moving between labs or relocating your entire laboratory, choosing us for instrument moves or laboratory relocation or new installation to help you re-establish laboratory operations in your new location quickly and efficiently.

As an industry leader in laboratory operation, business process and regulatory requirements, you can count on IDT Corporation to expertly move your laboratory instruments or manage your laboratory new installation or relocation.

installation & relocation

Requirements analysis to identify and document your relocation specifications, installation requirements, and completion/verification criteria.

Site preparation planning to assure site readiness and manage the implementation site preparation requirements.

Physical move of systems including expert de-installation, installation and re-commissioning.

Verification and acceptance testing to guarantee the post-move performance of your instrument systems and if required, provide regulatory compliance qualification services.

Full documentation of every phase of your relocation from requirements setting and schedule, to final approval.  

Guarantee that your systems are brought back to operation and re-qualified in their new environment.


"Today's economic climate has made it more important than ever to make sure you get the most out of your operating butgets."




Our customers will benefit from our professional installation services.






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