Our services allow our customers to achive full compliance. IDT Corporation is the top of the line in quality of service, and the belief that the customer comes first ensures that you achieve the right level of cover. Our services allow our customers to achieve full compliance and save time, money and administrative overhead.

Reduce cost

Our solutions consolidates all laboratory service managent with a single provider to reduce cost, streamline the service procurement process, and improve service performance. We are aware of the vital strategic role played by today's laboratory finance and procurement managers.

We know that you are increansingly being called upon to find creative ways to help your colleagues get the most out of most out of tight butgets, and find new ways to save maney without jeopardizing the valuable science being conducted in your labs and without sacrificing productivity.

Today's economic climate has made it more important than ever to make sure you get the most out of your operating butgets.



Our customers will benefit from our professional installation services.

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IDT Corporation has evolved a complete system of instrument calibration.

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Repair services provide cost-effective on-site repair for analytical instruments and systems.

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Our validation services covers all aspects of regulatory agencies validation criteria and helping ensure your equipment meets or exceeds any agency or internal regulations.

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optimized services


- Installations
- Qualifications (IQ/ OQ/ PQ)
- Managed Maintenance
- Instrument Relocation
- Service Plans
- Consolidated Services
- Parts and Accessories



Service contracts allows your company to
centralize service solutions and invoicing, benefit
from additional support and service, guarantee
response time, train your personnel and establish
a closer relationship with us in order to exceed
your service expectations is our main goal.




Thank you for considering IDT Corporation a technology source for your laboratory needs.